Staying safe

Foods to avoid if you’re over 65

Older people are at higher risk of food poisoning. And, some foods are more likely to cause food poisoning than others. Here’s advice on which foods to avoid or be careful with when you’re over 65. Some foods can cause food poisoning if they’re contaminated with certain bugs. While most healthy people recover from food poisoning […]

Making sense of your medicines

To get the best results from your medicines, it’s important to use them as they are intended. You need to: Take the right amount of medicine at the right times, in the right way and for the right number of days. Get advice from your pharmacist or GP if you are having any side effects that bother you. […]

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Spotting signs of elder abuse

It’s not always easy to spot the symptoms of abuse. Someone being abused may make excuses for why they’re bruised, they don’t want to go out or talk to people, or they’re short of money. It’s important to know the signs of abuse and, where they are identified, gently share your concerns with the person […]

Reporting concerns about someone’s welfare

If you’re worried someone is being badly treated or know that someone is being poorly treated, you can report this to your local authority by raising a safeguarding alert. Report a concern You can report your concerns about someone’s welfare by  emailing the Safeguarding department at Havering Council. Report a concern now. If there’s an […]

How to get help and contact adult social care

If you need some help or are not sure what kind of help you need, you can call us and have a chat. We will do our best to guide you towards the right kind of support for you. You can call us on behalf of a friend or relative but we will need to […]

Abuse and neglect of vulnerable adults

Everyone has the right to live in safety, free from abuse and neglect. Abuse and neglect can occur anywhere: in your own home or a public place, while you are in hospital or attending a day centre, or in a college or care home. You may be living alone or with others. The person causing the […]

Stay well in winter

As the cold weather arrives, Havering is urging residents to stay well this winter by taking simple measures to protect themselves. Local residents are being encouraged to get the flu jab to reduce the risk of getting the flu or spreading it to others and to keep warm this winter. The council is advising older […]

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Help is available for your mental health

Mental health is everyone’s business. We all have times when we feel down or stressed or fearful. Most of the time those feelings pass. But sometimes they develop into a more serious problem and that could happen to any one of us. Help is available If you are experiencing some problems with your mental health […]

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