Planning for care needs

Choosing care services

Choosing your care services can be a daunting prospect. There are many care options available, but which kind of support is right for you? Think about what you get most out of in life. You may have particular interests that you want to keep up, or you may simply want to spend time with your […]

Assessing your care and support needs

If you have care and support needs and find it difficult to look after yourself, your local authority may be able to advise you and provide you with some help. The best way to get help from your local authority is to ask for a care and support needs assessment. You can do this by […]

Getting a care and support package

The local authority can work with you if you have care needs. They will have a conversation with you about the things you need to help you live your life and to talk about the things you might be struggling with, such as personal care, environmental concerns and accessing the community. This conversation is also […]

Supported living services

You may prefer not to live in residential care, but find it difficult to cope at home. But you may, with help, be able to live independently in the community. If so, you may want to consider “supported living services” – sometimes called “floating support”, “visiting support”, or “tenancy sustainment”. Services that support independent living […]

Care homes

If you’re looking for a residential care home, there’s a huge variety of options available. There are permanent care homes for older people, homes for younger adults with disabilities, and homes for children. Care homes may be privately owned or run by charities or councils. Some will be small care homes based in home-like domestic […]

Care and support: what’s changing?

Since the Care Act 2014, the way people receive care and support has changed to be more consistent across England. The changes in the Care Act are designed to put you in control of the help you receive. Any decisions about your care and support will consider your wellbeing and what is important to you and […]

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