Paying for care

Funding care

 Care and support services in England have never been free. Most people have to pay something towards their own care and some will have to pay for all of the costs. Your local authority (council) may cover some or all of the cost of care in some circumstances, but its help is “means-tested”. This means […]

Local authority funding for care

If you need care and support, the best place to start is your local authority. This is because your local authority may pay for some or all of your support if your needs meet the eligibility criteria and you have a limited ability to pay for the services yourself. There are some services the local […]

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Employing a personal assistant

A personal assistant is someone you can employ to help you if you need social care and/or healthcare support, either because of your age, disability or a condition you have. If you receive a direct payment, you may choose to employ someone to help support you with things you need help with, such as washing […]

Finding an independent financial adviser

Financial advisers come in different guises and aren’t always called ‘financial advisers’. Sometimes they are named by their specialism such as ‘mortgage adviser’, ‘investment adviser’, ‘pension adviser’ or ‘financial planner’. Sometimes they are known as ‘brokers’ – often when dealing with products like home and car insurance, mortgages or investments like shares. Why might you […]

Other financial help

If you’re on a low income and are getting certain income-related benefits, you may be eligible for extra help with everyday health costs, including: free prescriptions (income-based benefits only) free NHS dental treatment and dentures (income-based benefits only) free NHS sight tests, glasses and contact lenses (income-based benefits only) vouchers to help you buy or repair […]

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Mental health aftercare

If you have been compulsorily detained for treatment in a psychiatric hospital, any “mental health aftercare” that you may need when you leave hospital should be provided free of charge. This free aftercare is given to try to prevent your condition getting worse and you needing to be re-admitted to hospital. People entitled to free […]

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