Housing Benefit

Housing Benefit is a benefit that helps with the cost of rent if you have a low income. It’s administered by your local authority. It can be paid whether you’re in council or private housing, and you can claim it whether you’re in or out of work. Find out more about eligibility for Housing Benefit, […]

Living with extra care

Finding suitable housing, or adapting your current home, can make a huge difference to your quality of life, whether you need support for yourself or if you are caring for someone else, such as a family member or friend. Extra care housing (often referred to as assisted living) offers a greater level of support than sheltered […]

Supported living services

You may prefer not to live in residential care, but find it difficult to cope at home. But you may, with help, be able to live independently in the community. If so, you may want to consider “supported living services” – sometimes called “floating support”, “visiting support”, or “tenancy sustainment”. Services that support independent living […]

Care homes

If you’re looking for a residential care home, there’s a huge variety of options available. There are permanent care homes for older people, homes for younger adults with disabilities, and homes for children. Care homes may be privately owned or run by charities or councils. Some will be small care homes based in home-like domestic […]

Caring and sharing your home

If you care for someone who doesn’t live with you, the time may come when you start thinking about sharing your home with them. This might be because they’ll need more care in the future if their condition gets worse, or they’ve recently come out of hospital after an illness or fall. There can be […]

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Living in a shared lives family home

Shared Lives offers adults with social care support needs the chance to receive the care and support they need in a family home, living with a Shared Lives Carer in the local community that has been recruited, trained and approved for this purpose. Accessing the scheme means you can live with a carer short term, […]

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