Caring for older relatives

Looking after an older disabled relative can have practical, financial and emotional challenges. But help and support is available. The Carers Trust answers some of your common questions on where to find practical and emotional support. I’ve just started to care for an older relative. What help can I get? Even though you might see yourself as […]

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Celebrate Carers Week 2017

Carers Week is an annual campaign to raise awareness of caring, highlight the challenges that carers face and recognise the contribution they make to families and communities. The theme this year is ‘Building Carer Friendly Communities. To mark this year’s Carers Week, organisations and groups across Havering are hosting various activities and events. If you […]

What benefits can carers get?

Knowing what benefits you and the person you care for are entitled to can make a real difference. For example, you might be able to get a break from caring, or get help with pay for certain costs, or make a difference to your pension entitlements in the future. There are three main types of […]

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Who is a carer?

A carer is someone who looks after a relative or friend who, because of age, physical or other disability, cannot manage at home without help. The type of care they provide may range from personal care such as toileting, washing and feeding to visiting shopping and housework. They can live in the same household or […]

Being a carer: a day in the life

To mark this year’s Carer’s Rights Day, our carers of Havering have been celebrating by sharing their stories and experiences of being a carer, helping us to raise awareness of the importance in recognising you are a carer. To celebrate Carer’s Right’s Day in Havering, the local authority hosted a Carers Forum – Carer’s Right […]

Employment rights for carers

Continuing to work while caring can help you feel good about yourself and provide you with social interaction outside of your caring role. But staying in work or returning to work might feel like a daunting prospect and you may find it helpful to take some time off or to ask your employer if you […]

What is Carer’s Allowance?

  Carer’s Allowance is the main state benefit for carers, so it’s important to find out if you can receive it. It is currently £61.35 a week, with a one-off £10 Christmas bonus in December. You might be able to get Carer’s Allowance if all of the following apply: you’re 16 or over you spend […]

Carers’ breaks and respite care

Your carer’s assessment may identify that you need a break from caring from time to time. Equally, the person you care for may also want to have a break without you. See Accessible day trips and activities for help planning their trip. Replacement care and respite care Replacement care is designed to replace the care that you, as […]

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Carers’ rights and the Care Act

A carer is someone who helps another person, usually a relative or friend, in their day-to-day life. This is not the same as someone who provides care professionally or through a voluntary organisation. The Care Act 2014 sets out carers’ legal rights to assessment and support. It came into force in April 2015. The Care […]

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Carers’ assessments

If you provide care and support to an adult friend or family member, you may be eligible for support from your local council. This support could include being offered money to pay for things that make caring easier. Or the local authority might offer practical support, such as arranging for someone to step in when you […]

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