Help with meals

oldermanfoodshoppingIf you’re finding it difficult to go shopping or cook your own meals, or if your carer is not able to cook you a meal in the daytime, there are a range of services that can help you. Havering Council no longer provides a meals on wheels service, but do have information available regarding alternative services that can help you. If you wish you can choose a service that can deliver hot or frozen meals to your home.

To support you in making a choice that best suits you, the suppliers listed below can cater to most dietary requirements.

Who can get help?

Anyone can access these services. It’s a good option if you are unable to prepare and cook at least one hot meal a day. This may be a permanent situation due to sight loss, a physical or learning disability, illness or a temporary situation such as recovering after a stay in hospital. Getting meals delivered to your home can help you maintain your independence and quality of life.

How much will it cost?

You will have to pay for meals that are delivered to you. How much you pay depends on the meal supplier you choose. Each supplier will provide you with a brochure with all prices clearly shown to allow you to make an informed choice.

How do I order my meals?

This depends on the meal supplier you choose, but normally you can order your meals over the telephone, online, by post or by giving your order to a delivery driver.

Meals with Sodexo

Sodexo Home Service offer you complete flexibility in your choice of meals with an individual menu chosen by each customer. The range covers a full range of meals to cover specialist dietary requirements.

Our uniformed delivery drivers are carefully selected to provide a friendly and professional service.

Visit the service’s contact details here.

Meals with Wiltshire Farm Foods

Frozen meals and desserts delivered to you by friendly drivers who can help you with your orders. Delivery is free. Wiltshire Farm Foods offer a variety of meals to suit all dietary requirements including diabetic meals, low salt or fat and gluten free meals.

Visit the service’s contact details here.

Meals with Oakhouse Foods

Frozen meals, desserts and groceries delivered to you at home by the Oakhouse Foods home delivery service. The range of meals offers over 300 freshly frozen dishes including lots of hearty new recipes and plenty of old favourites. Oakhouse offer reliable deliveries from friendly, local drivers who will put the food into the freezer for you if required.

Visit the service’s contact details here.

Staying safe

Sodexo and Wiltshire Farm Foods only use drivers who have passed an enhanced Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) check. For customers buying their meals directly, Sodexo will also provide a ‘wellbeing’ check and contact a friend, relative or the Council if there is no reply at the door.


Tapestry are a local charity who provide a range of local facilities such as Wellbeing Cafés and mobile Wellbeing Clubs which can provide a source of freshly made, healthy meals. Transport is also available to assist people out of their homes to the venue. Meals can cater for a wide range of dietary requirements, and offer diabetic and vegetarian options across all our menus. There is also a ‘Take-Home’ service full of healthy options available for you to enjoy at home at a time that suits you.

Visit the service’s contact details here.

Other options

There are other options you can choose from instead of these services, including:

Supermarkets and shops:

Easy to prepare food and ‘ready meals’ can also be bought from any supermarket or high street shop. You can arrange to have them delivered to your home along with your groceries and other products if you find it difficult to get out. These orders need to be placed online and a delivery charge and minimum order may apply. Some websites below:








Luncheon Clubs

If you are able to get out out of the house, you could consider joining a luncheon club. Luncheon clubs provide a hot meal and a chance to socialise and meet friends. There are luncheon clubs that cater for different dietary and cultural needs.

Homecare services

You could also make private arrangements for a carer to come in and prepare meals through a private home care agency, but remember to take care to choose one that is registered and inspected by the Care Quality Commission (CQC). Read more about homecare services by clicking here.

Other delivery services:

You can arrange to buy hot or frozen meals privately from other
organisations which will deliver them to your home.

Download the help with meals leaflet

To read more about help with meals in Havering, download the leaflet by clicking here.

Further help to maintain your nutrition

If you need support in your home to manage and maintain your nutrition, you may chose to have a carer come into your home to help you. This may be through an agency or by having a personal assistant.Read more about care services in your home by clicking here. If you need more support alongside preparing meals, you may need to undertake an assessment of your care and support needs with your local authority. The local authority can work with you to find out if you are eligible for care and support services or if you have other needs that can be met in the community or by other independent help.Read more about care and support needs assessments by clicking here.

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