What is autism?

Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is a condition that affects social interaction, communication, interests and behaviour. It includes Asperger syndrome and childhood autism. The signs of ASD typically start to develop in childhood. It’s estimated about 1 in every 100 people in the UK has ASD. More boys are diagnosed with it than girls. There’s no “cure” […]

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Diagnosing Autism

See your GP or health visitor if your child is showing symptoms of autism spectrum disorder (ASD), or you’re worried about their development. If appropriate, your GP can refer you to a healthcare professional or team who specialise in diagnosing ASD, or someone who has access to such a team. The specialist or specialist team will make […]

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Autism and work

In the right job and with the right support, people with Autism have much to offer. They’re often accurate, reliable, and have a good eye for detail. Being in a working environment can help the individual’s personal development tremendously. It can, however, be difficult for people with ASD to find a job. For example, they […]

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Freedom passes for people with autism

 If you have autism you may be eligible for a Freedom Pass which is gives free travel on most public transport in London. You will be eligible for a disabled person’s Freedom Pass if you: are blind or partially sighted are profoundly or severely deaf are without speech have a disability, or have suffered an […]

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Hospital Passports for people with autism

Going into hospital can be a worrying time for anyone. It can be even harder for someone who has autism. One way to make going to hospital easier is to have a “hospital passport”. Hospital passports are designed to give hospital staff helpful information that isn’t only about illness and health. For example, it can include […]

Caring for someone with autism

If you care for someone with autism, your main concern will be how best to support them. However, you will both benefit from getting help for yourself. There’s no denying that looking after someone with autism can be demanding, and it can put considerable strain on relationships. Lintilla Turner, senior helpline adviser for The National […]

Get active with a disability

A guide to getting active if you have an impairment or a long-term health condition. This guide will help you: build activity into your day search for activities or classes browse activities and sports Build activity into your day To improve your health, try to put some time aside to do activities that improve your heart health and […]

Support from the Havering Autism Hub

As well as a great way for residents with autism to socialise and make new friends, the autism hub is about putting people in control of their opportunities. The hub focuses on achieving better health outcomes for adults with autism with a focus on building resilience, support networks and developing coping strategies. The hub works […]

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Advocacy services

Advocacy services help people – particularly those who are most vulnerable in society – to: access information and services be involved in decisions about their lives explore choices and options defend and promote their rights and responsibilities speak out about issues that matter to them What is an advocate? An advocacy service is provided by […]

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