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DisabledGo provides free detailed access information for disabled people in Havering and across the UK.

DisabledGo’s detailed access information will empower you to judge for your self which hotels, cinemas, restaurants, solicitor’s offices, pubs, train stations – all kinds of shops and services – are accessible to you.

Find accessibility information on venues in Havering.

DisabledGo access guides to goods and services have been specially designed to answer the everyday questions of disabled people, their assistants, carers, family and friends. The aim is to use access information to empower people to break down the barriers to full inclusion within the community.

Founded by Gregory Burke, a wheelchair user, DisabledGo is the product of years of extensive research and consultation with disabled people and organisations. Developed by disabled people for disabled people DisabledGo empowers you to make direct, anonymous enquiries about particular venues and judge whether they will be accessible to your individual needs.

A welcome to Havering

“The Council is striving hard to make Havering clean, safe and residents and visitors proud to be here.

We want it to be an environment where we respect each other, value our traditions and work together to improve our quality of life for everyone, regardless of gender, race, age or disability. Only last year the Borough was awarded the ‘Working towards becoming a dementia friendly borough’ status, something we are extremely proud of.

As our borough becomes more accessible from both the rest of London and more rural areas, it is essential that we ensure that everyone can enjoy the facilities we have to offer, from great schools, vibrant nightlife, wide open spaces and terrific shopping and retail.

Our partnership with DisabledGo is an important part of the overall aim. It is absolutely right that we take action to ensure that the many visitors to Havering are able to get around as freely as possible.

We know that the detailed guides that are on these pages will be of great value and the great work that DisabledGo have done elsewhere in the UK was one of the reasons that we developed a partnership with them.

Our promise is to ensure these pages are up to date as we continue to upgrade and develop parts of the borough. We hope that you find this guide useful and we welcome any comments that you may have to improve the information provided.

We look forward to welcoming you to Havering.

Councillor Wendy Brice-Thompson, Cabinet Leader for Adult Social Care at London Borough of Havering

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